Southern Illinois Revoked Driver’s License Attorneys

In Illinois your driver’s license may be revoked if you are convicted of Driving under the influence (DUI), various traffic offenses, or another offense involving a fatality.  However, revocation or suspension of your license may not be permanent.  Drivers who seek to have their driver’s license reinstated can request an administrative hearing with the Secretary of State.


Informal Carbondale Revoked License Hearings

If a driver’s license has been suspended or revoked for an offense not involving a fatality, a single DUI arrest, or for a sanction related to lesser moving violations, the driver will be questioned in an informal Southern Illinois hearing.  Informal hearings can result in a restricted driver’s license or a full reinstatement of driving privileges[1].  It is important to speak to an experienced Southern Illinois Secretary of State hearing attorney before attending an informal hearing in order to make certain that you have the best opportunity to have your driving privileges restored.

Formal Marion Secretary of State Hearings

When a driver’s license has been suspended or revoked due to multiple DUIs or a fatality-related offense, it may be possible to request a formal hearing.  In order to obtain a formal hearing, it is necessary to make a written request to the Secretary of State. During a formal hearing, the Secretary of State[2] may ask many detailed and intense questions, which can include the details of the arrest; if the driver has experienced any symptoms of alcohol abuse and dependence; and if the individual made any changes to their life since the arrest.  A hearing officer will provide a summary in a written report including a decision which is usually mailed in 4-8 weeks.

Limited Southern Illinois Driving Privileges

If your license has been revoked, limited driving-privileges may be granted if:

  • You have a job, are in school, or need medical treatment; and
  • It is necessary for you to drive to get to these places.

The license will only be good for certain hours and for certain areas or routes. This privilege is conditional. In some instances, you can ask the court to provide temporary driving privileges while in others you have to apply to the Secretary of State. The only relief from a statutory summary suspension involves the installation of a Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device (BAIID) on your vehicle which does not apply to revocations for DUI convictions.

Contact a Marion Revoked License Lawyer

The reinstatement process can be a long and confusing road if you try to get reinstated by yourself. Preparation is the key to a successful license reinstatement hearing making it necessary to speak to an experienced Southern Illinois Secretary of State hearing attorney as soon as possible. References [1] [2]

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