Probate/Trust/Estate Administration

We work with executors, administrators, personal representatives and heirs, helping you take the necessary action to successfully close the estate of a loved one. We will also handle any probate litigation that may arise, including Will Contests.

Probate Law Attorney in Marion, Illinois

The probate administration process is designed to ensure the efficient, effective transfer of property. In spite of this, if you have to navigate the probate courts after losing a loved one, this process is likely to seem anything but effective and efficient.

At Lawler Brown Law Firm, we serve the people of southern Illinois and assist in handling all types of probate law matters. Our knowledge allows us to effectively and efficiently navigate the probate courts.

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Addressing All Matters Related to Probate and Estate Administration

The need for estate administration generally arises at a time when most people would rather do anything but worry about legal issues. We understand this. When you come to our offices for assistance with probate administration matters, you can leave your concerns to us. We will handle all aspects of the process, so that you can focus on your family and the grieving process.

Handling Will Contests and Trust Litigation

The probate administration process is not always as smooth as it is intended. Disagreements may arise over the intended meaning of language or the decedent’s mental capacity at the time of a will’s creation, leading to Will Contests. The beneficiary of a trust may question the distribution of assets or a lack of proper accounting measures, leading to trust litigation.

If you are engaged in a Will Contest or preparing for trust litigation, we can represent you. Come to our law office today to discuss any of your probate law concerns. We frequently represent individuals, families, beneficiaries, executors, trustees, guardians, banks and trust companies when fiduciary claims arise, and provide valuable counsel to fiduciaries about their duties in order to assist them in avoiding future claims.

We are experienced in handling diverse and complex fiduciary litigation issues involving:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Will Contests
  • Undue influence claims
  • Challenges to fees
  • Actions taken by Agents under Power of Attorney
  • Removal of fiduciaries

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