Driving Without Valid Auto Insurance

Required liability insurance policy

The controlling Illinois Statute is 625 ILCS 5/7‑601(a) which provides as follows:

“No person shall operate, register or maintain registration of, and no owner shall permit another person to operate, register or maintain registration of, a motor vehicle designed to be used on a public highway unless the motor vehicle is covered by a liability insurance policy.

The insurance policy shall be issued in amounts no less than the minimum amounts set for bodily injury or death and for destruction of property under Section 7‑203 of this Code, and shall be issued in accordance with the requirements of Sections 143a and 143a‑2 of the Illinois Insurance Code, as amended.

No insurer other than an insurer authorized to do business in this State shall issue a policy pursuant to this Section for any vehicle subject to registration under this Code. Nothing herein shall deprive an insurer of any policy defense available at common law.”


This is classified as a petty offense which means fine only (cannot be sentenced to jail). The maximum fine is $1,000. Additionally, if you receive a conviction for driving without valid auto insurance, your driver’s license can be suspended by the Illinois Secretary of State. The Illinois Secretary of State may additionally require you to carry SR-22 or “high risk” insurance which can double or triple your insurance premiums.

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