Illinois Secretary of State Point System

The Illinois Secretary of State has a point system that keeps track of your traffic violations. Each time you are convicted (not the same as court supervision which if completed successfully will not result in points against your license) of a moving violation, points will be added to your driving record according to the point system. Examples of moving violations are speeding, driving while license suspended or driving under the influence. An example of a non-moving violation would be a seat belt ticket. Points are only assessed when a judgment of conviction is entered. They are not reported to the Secretary of State when the officer writes the ticket. Rather, they are reported if you are either found guilty or plead guilty to a traffic violation.

In general, speeding tickets for higher speeds will cause more points to be assessed against you. If you accumulate too many points against your license, the Illinois Secretary of State can suspend or revoke your driving privileges. The point system is designed to penalize habitual offenders. Interestingly, in Illinois, points can be assessed against your record for going too slow.

If you are under the age of 21 and receive two convictions for speeding within a one year period, the Illinois Secretary of State could revoke or suspend your driver’s license. For those 21 or over, three speeding convictions within a one year period could result in the revocation or suspension of your driving privileges.

The duration of the suspension or revocation period depends upon the amount of points that have accumulated against your driver’s license. The amount of points assessed depends upon both the traffic violation and the number of convictions. The points are assigned as follows:

  • Driving over the speed limit
    – 1-10 mph over the limit: 5 points
    – 11-14 mph over the limit: 10 points
    – 15-25 mph over the limit: 20 points
    – More than 25 mph over the limit: 50 points
  • Driving over the maximum speed limit in a school zone―20 points
  • Driving under the minimum speed limit―5 points
  • Driving below the minimum speed limit on an Illinois tollway―20 points
  • Not driving in the right-hand lane when proceeding at less than the normal speed of traffic―20 points
  • Exceeding the maximum speed limit on a bridge or elevated structure―10 points

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