Overweight Commercial Driver’s License Tickets

CDL Tickets in the State of Illinois.

The controlling Illinois Statute governing fines depends upon schedule as defined is 625 ILCS 5/15-113, which says you shall be fined according to the following schedule (as of 2012).

  • Up to and including 2,000 pounds overweight, the fine is $100
  • From 2001 to 2500 pounds overweight, the fine is $270
  • From 2501 to 3000 pounds overweight, the fine is $330
  • From 3001 to 3500 pounds overweight, the fine is $520
  • From 3501 to 4000 pounds overweight, the fine is $600
  • From 4001 to 4500 pounds overweight, the fine is $850
  • From 4501 to 5000 pounds overweight, the fine is $950
  • From 5001 or more pounds overweight, the fine shall be computed by assessing $1500 for the first 5000 pounds overweight and $150 for each additional increment of 500 pounds overweight or fraction thereof.

Illinois Law pays special attention to truck weight limits. When a truck driver is issued a citation for violation of the Illinois Commercial Driver’s License Statute, the driver faces financial and driving penalties. If you have been issued an Overweight Citation, you should contact an attorney at Lawler Brown Law Firm to advocate on your behalf to control the fine you pay and help you retain your CDL.

Overweight tickets in Illinois can be issued both at stationary weigh stations or portable scales. Illinois truckers may be ticketed for failing to properly flag a wide load, operating a truck that is overweight on one axle, operating a truck that is grossly overweight for the permit carried, or operating a truck that exceeds the weight limit for a particular stretch of highway. An overweight truck lawyer from Lawler Brown Law Firm may substantially reduce the fines that are paid for these violations.



An overweight trucking ticket may result in large fines and it may lead to the suspension or loss of a driver’s commercial driver’s license (CDL). Fines in overweight trucking matters are calculated by the amount the cited truck exceeded the statutory weight.

Contact Defense Attorney David W. Lawler

Overweight Traffic Tickets can jeopardize your job if you are a CDL holder. You must be able to drive, not only for your sake, but to provide for those whom depend on you. As a former prosecutor for the Williamson County State’s Attorney and as a traffic defense attorney, I will attempt to reduce the high fines and the possible suspension of your CDL.  If you have been charged with an Overweight Ticket, contact my office today and I will advise you of all your options. I appreciate the importance of a Valid Commercial Driver’s License and I will use my knowledge and experience to achieve the best outcome in your case.

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