Speeding in an Illinois Construction Zone

If you are either found guilty or plead guilty to speeding in a construction zone, the minimum fine is $375 for your first violation. Two or more violations within a two year period will result in a suspension of your driving privileges for 3 months.

The governing Illinois statute is 625 ILCS 5/11‑605.1 which states in part:


  1. A person may not operate a motor vehicle in a construction or maintenance speed zone at a speed in excess of the posted speed limit.
  2. Nothing in this Chapter prohibits the use of electronic speed-detecting devices within 500 feet of signs within a construction or maintenance speed zone indicating the zone, as defined in this Section, nor shall evidence obtained by use of those devices be inadmissible in any prosecution for speeding, provided the use of the device shall apply only to the enforcement of the speed limit in the construction or maintenance speed zone.
  1. As used in this Section, a “construction or maintenance speed zone” is an area in which the Department, Toll Highway Authority, or local agency has determined that the preexisting established speed limit through a highway construction or maintenance project is greater than is reasonable or safe with respect to the conditions expected to exist in the construction or maintenance speed zone and has posted a lower speed limit with a highway construction or maintenance speed zone special speed limit sign.
  2. Highway construction or maintenance speed zone special speed limit signs shall be of a design approved by the Department. The signs must give proper due warning that a construction or maintenance speed zone is being approached and must indicate the maximum speed limit in effect. The signs also must state the amount of the minimum fine for a violation.”


If you are convicted of speeding in a construction zone in Illinois, the minimum fine is $375.00. Two or more violations committed in less than 24 months can result in a fine of $1,000.00 and a suspension of your driver’s license for 3 months. Additionally, your insurance provider can increase your premium payments if you are convicted of this offense.

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